Whether you are cooling people or computers, air conditioning is energy intensive and
Eurocool draws on over 25 years experience of energy saving in cooling systems to
optimise all total cooling capacity.

We Can Design:
• Simple comfort cooling systems
• Large scale whole building projects, that control temperature, humidity and air distribution.
• Close control humidity chambers
• Process cooling
• Heat pump selection

Energy Efficiancy In Cooling:
Most companies dont realise how much electrical energy is drawn by air conditioning
or process cooling. They also donít realise how much can be saved by retro-fitting new
equipment or adopting new control concepts.

There is now legislation that surrounds air conditioning and the Carbon Reduction
Commitment is in force to ensure that companies fully optimise their cooling
strategies. Eurocool have been retrofitting and designing energy efficiency components
to cooling systems for over 15 years and bring their full experience to bear when asked
to assist.
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